June 11, 2016

The Story

In 2015, when we first became parents, I was working for a cleaning company in London. At the same time, that company was trialling a new range of biological cleaning products, new to the industry.

Not only were these new products supposedly better for the environment and far less toxic to human health, but they claimed to also clean better too. I remember thinking as a new parent sitting in the product demonstration meeting that if these products are as good as they claim, I want them for my home.

Following a successful trial, they lived up to all of their claims and have been adopted by many of the UK's biggest cleaning companies, but are only available to the professionals, until now.

By working with the company behind these products, I am very pleased to be able to bring those same environmental, well-being and cleaning benefits to homes across the UK with the Nueco cleaning range.

We are passionate about protecting the well-being of families and the environment and, as well as helping to reduce the amount of toxic chemicals in our own environment, 25% of all profits will be donated to Wateraid to help communities around the world to benefit from clean water.

We hope you like what we are trying to achieve and would appreciate if you share with your friends and family.



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