Safer Cleaning Products For Asthma Sufferers

 Most cleaning products available in the shops today contain a variety of harmful chemicals that pose a serious threat to asthma sufferers. Nueco cleaning products are designed specifically to remove harmful chemicals from the home, making them safer for asthma sufferers, and better for the environment.  >> view asthma friendly cleaning products

You don’t always need to kill 99.9% of bacteria

Walk down the cleaning aisle of any supermarket and you’ll be bombarded with products promising to kill 99%, 99.9%, 99.99% of bacteria. All vying for the ‘enviable’ position of being the most toxic concoction of chemicals on the shelf. Yes, some bacteria can make us sick and there are times when you definitely need to[…]

What are VOCs? and why you don’t want them in your cleaning products

We’re all used to our detergents and cleaning products having that distinctive ‘clean’ smell, but did you know that those fragrances are artificially added and emit dozens of different chemicals into the air? In one study, a plug-in air freshener was found to emit 20 different volatile organic compounds (VOCs), including seven regulated as toxic[…]