How to use our concentrated refills

Most people want to reduce the amount of plastic they use, but when all the cleaning products in the supermarket are sold in plastic bottles, what can you do?

Nueco’s cleaning products are highly concentrated which means we can sell and ship them in much smaller quantities for you to dilute at home with tap water. The benefit of this is that we can reduce plastic packaging by 90% and transport emissions by 99%.

For the typical home, that means saving the equivalent of about 50 plastic bottles per year!

Yes, we still rely on plastic bottles, but rather than using them once and then throwing them away, our bottles can be reused time and time again.

‘But I put my plastic in the recycling’ I hear you say.

Recycling rates vary across the British Isles but in some places as little as 6% of plastic bottles collected at the kerb are recycled1 and those that are often get down-cycled, that is turned into low grade plastic products – not other bottles.

How do refills work?

  • Once your 500ml bottle of kitchen or bathroom cleaner is empty, instead of recycling it, give it a rinse out with soapy water (not bleach) and it’s ready to be used again. We use premium bottles and trigger sprays which can be used again and again.
  • Once the large bottle is clean, pour the contents of one of our refills into the empty bottle
  • Top the 500ml bottle up with cold tap water
  • Replace the trigger spray head
  • Your bottle is now ready to go, full of brand-new cleaning power
  • Keep the bottle out of direct sunlight and extreme temperatures

We firmly believe that concentrated refills are going to become common-place as more people look for ways to actively reduce their plastic consumption. At the moment, we can’t eradicate plastic entirely from our supply chain, but a 90% reduction is a good start.

Dont forget, less plastic and less transport is just a part of Nueco’s environmental credentials. Our products are 99% biodegradable, reduce indoor air pollution and have a very low aquatic toxicity rating. All in all, much better for your family and the wider environment.