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This woolsafe eco-friendly carpet & fabric cleaner is a powerful stain remover with odour control. Safe to use on carpets, curtain and other upholstery.

Eco benefits:

  • 99% biodegradable
  • pH neutral
  • No ammonia
  • No VOCs
  • No Phosphates
  • Concentrated refills

*This order comes with one 500ml re-usable trigger spray bottle and the selected number of concentrated carpet cleaning refills.

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Originally developed for the professional cleaning industry, our ecologically-friendly carpet cleaner is safe to use around the home, especially with young children. Tried and tested, it offers powerful cleaning power without overpowering artificial fragrances or harmful chemicals. Perfect around little ‘rug rats’.

The result is not only a professional clean, but an effective alternative to harmful and dangerous cleaning chemicals; reducing indoor pollution and harmful effects on the environment.

This order comes with a fully recyclable, 500 ml re-usable trigger spray bottle and a selected number of eco-friendly concentrated carpet & fabric cleaning refills.

Our eco-cleaning technology is based on combining readily biodegradable surfactants, active fermentative extracts and natural bacterial cultures. The precise combination of ingredients gets powerful cleaning results without the need for solvents or high pH levels. The fermentative extracts attack soil instead of emulsifying with it. And the  bacterial cultures deep-clean fabrics and carpets while completely eliminating foul odours.


  1. Empty the contents of one sachet of carpet cleaning solution into the empty 500 ml bottle and fill to top with with cold water,
  2. Each sachet is enough to make one full 500 ml bottle of cleaning product,
  3. Once diluted, the product is ready for use,
  4. Test on a small, hidden section of fabric first,
  5. If the stain is fresh and wet, absorb any excess with a clean, dry cloth,
  6. Spray the carpet cleaner on carpets, curtains & upholstery.
  7. For best results, leave for 5 minutes,
  8. Using a soft-bristled brush or a clean rag, gently brush the surface in a circular movement, working from the spot’s edges towards the centre,
  9. When the bottle is empty, rinse and reuse with a new sachet of cleaning solution as described above.

By using refill sachets and a re-usable bottle, we reduce packaging, transport CO2 and costs.

2 reviews for Carpet & Fabric Cleaner

  1. Maria Wilson

    I find it definitely works best if you leave it for a minute, but I’ve got two young kids and so far it’s cleaned up dried food, sick and tea stains.

  2. Grossbach

    Smells nice. Ive used on sofa and carpet and worked a treat so far. no complaints

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