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This multi-purpose eco-friendly kitchen cleaner provides effective, long lasting cleaning and de-greasing action for all kitchen surfaces.

Eco benefits:

  • 99% biodegradable
  • pH neutral
  • No ammonia
  • No VOCs
  • No Phosphates
  • Concentrated refills

*This order comes with one 500ml re-usable trigger spray bottle and the selected number of concentrated kitchen cleaning refills.

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Originally developed for the professional food industry, our ecologically-friendly kitchen cleaner is safe to use on all food preparation surfaces and provides a professional standard of cleaning without the need for powerful chemicals.

The result is not only a professional clean, but an effective alternative to harmful and dangerous cleaning chemicals; reducing indoor pollution and harmful effects on the environment.

This order comes with a fully recyclable, 500ml re-usable trigger spray bottle and a selected number of eco-friendly concentrated 5ml kitchen cleaning sachets.

The technology behind Nueco’s eco friendly kitchen cleaner is based on combining readily biodegradable surfactants and fermentative extracts. The precise combination of ingredients gets powerful degreasing results without the need for solvents or high pH levels. The fermentative extracts attack soil instead of emulsifying with it.

5-15% non-ionic surfactants, <5% amphoteric surfactants, preservative. May contain enzymes.


  1. Empty the contents of one sachet of kitchen cleaning solution into the empty 500ml bottle and fill to top with cold water,
  2. Each sachet is enough to make one full 500ml bottle of cleaning product,
  3. Once diluted, the product is ready for use,
  4. Spray the kitchen cleaner on hard kitchen surfaces,
  5. For best results, leave for 5 minutes,
  6. Wipe surface for a thorough, long lasting clean,
  7. When the bottle is empty, rinse and reuse with a new sachet of cleaning solution as described above.

By using refills and a re-usable bottle, we reduce packaging, transport CO2 and costs.

11 reviews for Kitchen cleaner

  1. Maria Wilson

    Works really well, doesn’t dry my hands out and cleans just as well as premium brands. At first I missed the smell of my old cleaner, but now I don’t care because I know the smell is just fake.

  2. Jane Evans

  3. Jane Evans


  4. Harriet

    I recently tried out the Nueco kitchen cleaner, it was the first product I tried from their range and I have to say I was impressed with their products from the start.
    The kitchen cleaner is simply brilliant. I got amazing before and after results from using just this product alone.
    The cleaner did not leave any sticky residue like some products do, just a glorious shine across my surfaces. The reflection in my worktops was like a mirror after using this and a microfibre cloth.
    The degreaser element worked its magic on my hob splash back and I was pleasantly surprised at the lack of effort it took compared to some high street brands!
    The kitchen cleaner is green in colour and unscented.
    I am extremely pleased with the product overall and my only feedback is that I’d love the option to have scented or unscented, as the smell of the product has a big impact on if I will purchase it or not. However, considering how much better this is for planet earth and safer around my family, I would still be happy to make the switch regardless of it being unscented! I’d much rather it was unscented than full of fumes and overpowering.
    At such an affordable price this will definitely become a new staple in my cleaning cupboard. I love how versatile it is meaning I can use less products for the same results. Would highly recommend especially to those with children and pets.

  5. Angel

    Decent and affordable

  6. Craig Fowey

    I use this cleaner all over our kitchen. So far it’s dealt with everything the kids has thrown at it. I like I can use less bottles and help the environment.

  7. Jennifer Straw

    Me and my daughter both have asthma and I have tried loads of ‘natural’ cleaning products. This one is a bit runny, but works well, is cheap and I can tell already that this will be good for my asthma and my hands

  8. LouiseB

    I have been using Nueco products for a year now and I absolutely love them. This product cleans well you can use it all over the kitchen.

  9. Geraldine Hastings

    A great non-toxic multi-purpose cleaner. I use it on my worktops, table, hob. Leaves everything sparkling.

  10. SDK

    Kitchen cleaner and bathroom cleaner both really good

  11. Charlie1985

    Used for the first time, and it makes my kitchen gleam. It leaves no smears. A great product!

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